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You’ve always been good at figuring things out on your own.

Embrace Imperfection, Find Peace

Break free from self-imposed standards. Discover self-acceptance and growth. Begin your journey to a more fulfilling life today.


Fear of failure holding you back? Escape the burden of perfectionism. My Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Socratic Questioning techniques unravel the roots of these anxieties, empowering you to challenge and overcome destructive thought patterns, leaving behind constant stress and overwhelm.

Anxiety and Panic Disorders

Transform anxiety and panic into tools for growth. Gain insights into your mind and body. My blend of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Mindfulness equips you with techniques to learn from and harness anxiety's wisdom, restoring control to your life.


Navigating the complexities of relationships, be it family, romantic, friendships, or work-related, can often feel confusing. Don't wish to read minds. Let me guide you in cultivating healthy connections, setting boundaries, and enhancing your communication skills for harmonious and productive interactions.

I'm here for you.

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Are you constantly pushing your limits to achieve remarkable feats? Behind your pursuit of perfection lies a genuine desire to make a meaningful impact on the world. It's easy to see them as superhuman, but beneath your impressive exterior, you are just as human, vulnerable, and empathetic as the rest of us.

I help you embrace the imperfect yet extraordinary nature of our own journeys.

Clients that I work withoften experience these changes (and more) in their lives as a result fromtherapy:

Improvement in skills tocope with work related stressors.

More balanced mood

Improvement insatisfaction with relationships

Realizing that you’renot as reactive to things that would have caused enormous stress in the past

Decrease in time spentoverthinking

Improvement in feelings of self worth

Deeper understanding of your thought patterns and how they impact your mood, behaviors, and relationships